Returns of the products listed below will not be accepted in any case, as established in art. 103 of the R.D.L. 1/2007, of November 16, which approves the Consolidated Text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users (hereinafter, TRLGDCU), as well as the rest of the applicable current legislation:

  1. The provision of services, once the service has been completely executed, when the execution has begun, with the prior express consent of the consumer and user and with the acknowledgment on their part that they are aware that, once the contract has been completely executed by the entrepreneur, you will have lost your right of withdrawal.
  2. The supply of goods or the provision of services whose price depends on fluctuations in the financial market that the entrepreneur cannot control and that may occur during the withdrawal period.
  3. The supply of goods made according to the specifications of the consumer and user or clearly personalized.
  4. The supply of goods that may deteriorate or expire quickly.
  5. The supply of sealed goods that are not suitable to be returned for reasons of health protection or hygiene and that have been unsealed after delivery.
  6. The supply of goods that after their delivery and taking into account their nature have been inseparably mixed with other goods.
  7. The supply of alcoholic beverages whose price has been agreed at the time of entering into the sale contract and which cannot be delivered within 30 days, and whose real value depends on market fluctuations that the entrepreneur cannot control.
  8. Contracts in which the consumer and user have specifically requested the entrepreneur to visit him to carry out urgent repair or maintenance operations; If, during that visit, the entrepreneur provides additional services to those specifically requested by the consumer or supplies goods other than the spare parts necessarily used to carry out maintenance or repair operations, the right of withdrawal must apply to said additional services or goods.
  9. The supply of sealed sound or video recordings or sealed computer programs that have been unsealed by the consumer and user after delivery.
  10. The supply of daily press, periodicals or magazines, with the exception of subscription contracts for the supply of such publications.
  11. Contracts concluded through public auctions.
  12. The supply of accommodation services for purposes other than serving as housing, transportation of goods, vehicle rental, food or services related to leisure activities, if the contracts provide for a specific date or period of execution.
  13. The supply of digital content that is not provided on a material support when the execution has begun with the prior express consent of the consumer and user with the knowledge on their part that they consequently lose their right of withdrawal.

As it involves the sale of paper copies of a literary work, a product, consequently fragile by nature, will not be returned under art. 103.3. of the TRLGDCU:

  1. Those books that have been dedicated and / or altered at the request of the client / consumer at their request in the order (personalization).
  2. Those copies that, although not expressly personalized, upon being received by the customer / consumer, have been used after being unsealed from their original packaging. This includes those copies that have been read, even delicately, by the client / consumer or third parties.
  3. The copies that have been stained, in which traces, marks have been left, pages have been folded, have been wrinkled in some way and, ultimately, their integrity has been altered in the smallest detail according to its initial state when being sent.
  4. Each lot will be sent at least one copy with its sash and its bookmark. Any minimal alteration in their integrity, or their absence, will result in the loss of the right to return the product by the customer / consumer and the loss of the right to refund the payment made by the customer / consumer.

In case of not breaching the above conditions, essential to return the product in good condition, the following must also be met to guarantee its integrity during shipment:

  1. The merchandise must be returned in its packaging and in the original conditions, in perfect condition and in its initial integrity in the shipment, and always protected in a sufficient way to support the shipment. Likewise, seals, stickers, adhesives that affect or have affected the copies to be returned will be avoided. If any of these conditions is violated, the return will be strongly rejected.
  2. To proceed with the return, the Return Form must be filled out to record it. After being filled in, and within a period of no more than 5 business days, the seller will contact you at the email or means of contact requested to specify the instructions to make the return possible. The articles must be sent as soon as possible, without delay, within a maximum period of 14 calendar days from the moment in which the exercise of the rights of return has been communicated.
  3. The costs of the transport that originates the return will be fully borne by the customer / consumer who proceeds to exercise the return. For this, the customer / consumer may choose the shipping company that he considers to be of interest and economy, and must immediately notify the seller of which one it is.
  4. Once the returned product has been received and verified that it is in perfect condition as specified in this Return Policy and Conditions, and that the shipment fully corresponds to all the items sent in the original purchase, the amount. This refund amount will consist of the subtraction of the amount of the product purchased and paid by the customer / consumer less the shipping costs in case they have to be paid by the seller for the collection of the same, as well as the money order (made by Correos: Satellite/site/pagina-inicio/info). The final refund amount will be paid within a maximum period of 14 calendar days after the customer / consumer has started the right of withdrawal process. The refund will be withheld at least until receipt of the goods.

Text updated to May 17, 2020