These Conditions of Purchase and Use (hereinafter, CCU) establish and regulate the conditions of purchase of copies of the literary work published in paper format Hablar despacio through this web page, davidlorenzocardiel.com, both owned by David Lorenzo Cardiel (hereinafter, the Holder). The seller will correspond to the figure of the Holder. You can find more information about it in the Legal Notice.

User commitment

Customers who make purchases in the davidlorenzocardiel.com domain accept these CCUs in their entirety and will be bound to them, thus having the same validity as if they were written at the time of purchase.

When placing the order, the user agrees to accept the price of the product and the costs derived from the shipment that are thus informed at the time of purchase, or that could be derived from the information requested and / or sent by the seller to that the purchase process is effective, efficient and valid.

Once the order is formalized, the purchase is understood to have been perfected in accordance with current legislation and the rights that it grants to the customer.

On the other hand, the seller undertakes to offer the customer accurate information at all times during the purchase process of the products offered.

Seller commitment

The seller undertakes to keep the sale prices of the products offered in the davidlorenzocardiel.com domain updated, as well as to specify at the bottom of these CCU the date of update of the same. In the case of books with a fixed price (PVP), this is invariable, and said PVP will be the one that appears in the information sheet of the same on this website.

Likewise, the seller reserves the right to modify the CCU without prior notice or agreement with the clients or with any other natural person, State or entity.

When a customer successfully places an order, both the price and the conditions of the purchase will acquire a contractual nature and cannot be modified by either party. Successful completion of an order is defined as the process in which the customer places an order and pays it, and also confirms that the order and payments have been made correctly. The seller will attach the corresponding paper invoice when shipping the product.

On the other hand, the seller undertakes to offer the customer accurate information at all times during the purchase process of their products.

Right of access and use of the service

The Holder reserves the right to limit, suspend or prevent access to the services offered in the web domain davidlorenzocardiel.com to those users who have violated the principle of good contractual faith with the mechanisms of the website and its enabled purchase forms and placing orders, falsifying solicitous data in forms and after placing the order necessary for the correct purpose of the same, they would have violated these CCU, current legislation or have carried out fraud.

Applicable legislation

The Holder is resident in Zaragoza, Spain, a member country of the European Union. The applicable legislation is the Spanish and the European Union concerning the commercial activity referred to in these CCU. Likewise, the courts authorized to resolve disputes over this activity are those of the city of Zaragoza, Spain, and the European Union.

Procedure, terms and conditions of purchase

To purchase the products offered on the davidlorenzocardiel.com website, the customer must access the Store tab of this website and follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the Tienda (Store) tab and read the information regarding the product offered and the purchase process.

2. Click on the purchase button corresponding to the country to which you want the copy to be sent. The options are two: shipping to Spain or international shipping. In international shipping, it is used to place orders that are sent to any country in the world that is not Spain. There you will be redirected to the secure PayPal website (www.paypal.com). The accepted means of payment are by credit or debit card or by PayPal. Each purchase entitles you to the following products:

– 1 copy of Hablar despacio.
– 1 bookmark.

If the customer wants more copies, they must repeat the purchase process for each one they wish to purchase.

3. If the client has a PayPal account, they will be asked to log in. Otherwise, you must click the Create an account button.

4. Once the button corresponding to the chosen shipping destination has been pressed, the customer must faithfully fill in the data required in the form. The Data Protection and the Conditions of Purchase and Use in the PayPal environment will be those determined by PayPal.

5. After placing the order and purchasing it, the customer should obtain a confirmation from PayPal on the screen and be redirected to a page on the davidlorenzocardiel.com domain that shows the order confirmation. This information will only be valid if the payment of the product has been made satisfactorily. In case of any problem, you should contact the seller through the contact form enabled, which is the following: https://davidlorenzocardiel.com/contacto/

6. With the data that have been required from the customer and that he has filled in, the seller will proceed within a period of between 5 and 10 business days to prepare the order and its deposit in Correos (Sociedad Estatal Correos y Telégrafos, SA, with website https://www.correos.es/ss/ Satellite/site/pagina-inicio/info), company through which the shipment will be made by ordinary mail. Once deposited with Correos, the responsibility for the integrity of the shipment package, as well as its delivery to the consumer and the terms thereof, will fall on the Correos company itself. However, and with only informative value, the usual delivery time of Correos for ordinary shipments ranges between 2 and 4 business days (for shipments to Spain). In the shipping package of the product purchased by the consumer, the seller will include a paper copy of the invoice.

7. Each order is entitled to only one single shipment. Once the product has been deposited at the Correos company (the company that provides the shipping and delivery service), it will be this company and not us responsible for ensuring that the product reaches its destination correctly. No shipments will be made if the Correos company does not deliver the product as it has been entrusted and paid for in service.

In the event that the customer has provided wrong or unclear data that prevents the correct delivery of the order, the seller will try to contact the customer for a maximum of 15 calendar days by the means provided by the customer. If communication is impossible within this period, the order will be considered canceled and the purchase money will be refunded to the customer. In this case, the customer will have waived any right to the order placed.

In case of any questions or information about an order or a product, or if it has not been received within 20 working days from the day after the purchase of the order, the consumer can contact the seller at through the “Contacto” form on this website: https://davidlorenzocardiel.com/contacto/

Withdrawal, return and exchange

To know the form, terms and conditions of withdrawal, return and exchange, read the Return Policy and Conditions.

Cancellation of orders

The cancellation of orders can only be made in the PayPal payment gateway and before making the purchase.

Dispute resolution

The European Union provides a mechanism for the resolution of disputes available for the consumer / user at the following link, according to art. 14.1. of EU Regulation 524/2013: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/

Information updated as of September 2, 2020