Here you can find some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about this website and the services it offers.

What is

The website where it is located,, is the official website of the philosopher and writer David Lorenzo Cardiel. In it you can find information about their cultural and philosophical activities such as talks, conferences, published books, articles, workshops, meetings with readers, among many other activities. Likewise, this website offers the user the possibility of acquiring at least one of his books, Hablar Despacio, available for sale from November 22, 2019.

Can I share the content of the website?

Of course! And you can do it by copying the url of the corresponding entry or page or by using the social media buttons enabled for it.

Can I comment on the posts on the website?

Since 2018, this option has been removed, so that users cannot comment at the bottom of the website entries.

Can I contact David Lorenzo Cardiel through the website?

It is possible in a comfortable way and guaranteeing your user rights through the following form enabled for this purpose:

Are my rights guaranteed while I browse this website?

Of course. If you have any questions, you can read the Privacy and Data Protection Policy.

How to buy the products offered on this website?

In an easy, safe and legal way through clear and concise forms and instructions of the same nature that will guide you through the process. To do this, simply access the product for sale you want to purchase and follow the instructions indicated.

Is this website run by an internet service provider?

Indeed, and that provider is Any matter related to the template used by this website or the cookies used by, please contact that company.