The purpose of this Cookies Policy is to inform you about the cookies used on this website,, clearly and in a concise manner.


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What are cookies?

A cookie is a fragment of text that the different websites that Internet users visit send to the browser and that allow the website to remember information about your visit in order to provide a better experience on your next visit to the website.

Types of cookies

There are several types of cookie classifications. Here you will find a simplified explanation of them, but for more information about the types of cookies used by internet web domains you can consult the Guide on the use of Cookies of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection.

  1. According to the domain from where the data obtained from it are sent and processed: own cookies (those obtained from a website and the data obtained with them are managed by the owners) and third-party cookies (the obtained from a website and the data obtained from them is managed by third parties who impose them on the domain, such as internet service providers).
  2. Depending on the time they remain stored in the user’s browser: session cookies (they serve to establish a route of visits to other websites during the same visit session) and persistent cookies (they serve the same website to track when they visit that same website again).
  3. According to their purpose: technical cookies (those that allow the user to navigate through the restricted area of ​​a website and use very specific functions thereof), personalization cookies (those that allow the user access to personalized functions of the website ), analysis cookies (those that extract data from the use of website users for analysis), advertising cookies (those that extract usage data from users of a certain website to offer advertising tailored to their interests) and cookies behavioral advertising (they extract data to establish the advertising spaces to be distributed on the website).

Cookies used on this website

This website does not use its own cookies of any kind, so the Owner of the same has no legal responsibility for the only ones that are used on the website, those used by ( by default as an internet service provider and for all domains hosted on it, and of which the Owner lacks any access and control. Moreover, given that the Owner of this website has not contracted or installed or manages the information of any cookie through his will and desire, it is clear that his responsibility is limited to informational to the extent that the provider allows and offers. of the website hosting service,, as in fact done through this Cookies Policy, and thus complies with the Spanish and European Union legislation in force in this regard. is the one who has control over the informative banner about the cookies it uses to access the websites hosted on it. As a blog that is this website, it lacks access to HTML tools that are monetized and that allow it to take control over cookies and impose its own, and it does not have any contract to manage any of its own cookies. The Owner of this website is not responsible for the cookies or the Cookies Policy established by other websites linked or linked to this and which the user voluntarily accesses. Therefore, all cookies used on this website have the type of third-party cookie as they are not imposed by the Owner of the same nor are they managed by him.

To know the Cookies Policy that applies and that is applicable to those used on this website, you can click on the following link:

Acceptance of the Cookies Policy

By pressing the “Close and accept” button on the banner that appears on your screen when accessing this website, it is assumed that you accept the use of cookies by The legal responsibility for the appearance, design, ownership and use of this banner, as well as the cookies it advises and its conditions correspond to WordPress, since this website is a blog hosted by the WordPress service provider. com and the Owner of this website does not use any other cookie than those used by default Also due to a matter of economic limitation of the service provider used for this website, the banner that offers by default cannot be modified.

Way to modify cookie settings

As a user of this website you can block, restrict and / or delete cookies from or any other internet website using your browser. Each browser has different options to achieve it. Here you will find the way explained for the main browsers used.

However, the “Help” tab of your browser will show you the specific way to do it.